Top 10 Bathroom Trends

10 Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2020

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Before getting started, take a look at which trends are coming our way in 2020! Biophilia inspired designs, refined and detailed tiling in neutral natural colors, bathroom fittings that steal the show…We’ve combined the bathroom trends for 2019-2020 to help you decide what your new space should look like!

1. Biophilic Design For The Bathroom


Biophilic Nature lovers, you’ll love this biophilic design trend! This look puts man in touch with nature. It’s been proven that we’re much more efficient and performing, calmer and more focused if we’re surrounded by nature. You may have even noticed this trend in commercial surroundings – such as Rosalinda or Planta – that integrate plantation beautifully into their spaces.

Integrating the trend: a quick way to make the bathroom seem like it’s been thrown into nature is to integrate many plants into the decor. You can create a wall full of greenery, pick natural material tiles, opt for a standalone tub and oddly shaped sink to inspire natures natural shapes. In terms of colors for the space, opt for soothing tones with some whites, greys and greens.

 For a powder room, wallpaper with greenery on it would be best. Lighting also plays a pretty big role when we connect with nature. Adding a skylight or big windows – or a dimmer – will allow you to mimic the natural light found outdoors.

2. Tubs & Sinks: Keeping in Line With Cultural Traditions

Standalone tubs and water basins can be quite the showstoppers. Designers redesign and rethink what they should look like, getting inspired by Japanese bathrooms, natural asymmetrical shapes and artisanal vibes. This back-to-basics style puts our origins and culture at the forefront through its imperfect, yet subtle and refined, shapes.  


Integrating the trend: Your standalone tub can be installed by a wall, right in the middle of the space, or even in a corner! It all depends on the space you have available. For the wash basins, go for natural, rough-looking materials like stone, concrete, marble, etc. Keeping the natural mat look of the stone is ideal and picking stones with many prominent veins is totally fine!

3. A Simple Decor Means Shining the Light on Fittings

If you’re into minimalist bathroom designs, this look’s for you! With glass-walled open showers at their height, many bathroom fitting companies went above and beyond to create a variety of minimalistic fittings. They’re all unique and interesting. Goodbye chrome! It’s time to pick between black, gold, copper, brushed or shined.

Integrating the trend: Opt for a simple looking bathroom vanity. Unique bathroom fittings should be combined with simple looking tiling so they can be at the forefront of your bathroom’s design. It’s best to get an open or glass-walled shower as well.

4. Popular Colors to Get for Your Bathroom


According to the Milan Design Show, on trend colors for 2020 are champagne, light yellow, and pumpkin red. Seeing as both yellow and orange are rather in-your-face colors, it’s important to integrate them discretely.

5. Terrazzo is Still a Beloved Material


Back on trend in 2019, terrazzo remains loved by designers. A mix of natural stones, cement, and marble, terrazzo can now be found everywhere: in decorative accessories, wall surfaces, counters, and backsplashes. For the bathroom, this material is most often found along shower walls and flooring, or even replace a ceramic sink. This Italian material is definitely never dull with its unlimited colour and material combinations!

Integrating the trend: Terrazzo is a long-lasting material, thus making natural toned versions of this material favorable. Seeing as it’s made of a variety of materials, it has a fragmented texture. It’s best to go for rather small fragmented Terrazzo as opposed to large fragments.

6. Open Showers Are The Way to Go

In terms of showers, there are many different kinds on the market. However, open-concept Italian showers are quite on trend – especially those that are multi-functional and fully equipped: integrated bench, misting system, ambient lighting, anti-fog mirror, linear drain, etc. The new trend is also to include the tub in the shower area! A shower/bath space can be separated from the rest of the bathroom with a glass wall. The advantage of such a look? The bathroom looks a lot more spacious. We often notice separating walls with black frames – giving the space a loft-like look.

Integrating the trend: before committing to this look, it’s important to think of practicality. A shower-bath can be a great idea, but not so practical on daily use basis. Any water or soap residues not only end up at the bottom of your shower, but also your bath if you have them both combined as one. If your space permits, we suggest going for an open shower and a separate bathtub.

7. Console-Style Vanities

2020 is all about console-like vanities as opposed to massive furnishing. It’s especially ideal for small spaces as it allows the room to look much bigger and not obstruct the space with a massive looking vanity. Powder rooms benefit from this trend.


Integrating the trend: If there’s a space where we end up piling up a bunch of products, it’s surely the bathroom! To be able to integrate this look, you’ll need to only keep necessities in your space. Given that bathrooms are warm and humid, anything that can “spoil” (e.g. perfumes) will need to stored away to keep.

8. Tiny Bathrooms Have Huge Potential

Do you need to redesign your powder room? Designers are becoming ingenious with the way they decorate these spaces. They look just as great as full four-piece bathrooms! Since the space is rather small, opting for more luxurious materials is more affordable. We also see wallpaper on accent walls in powder rooms or tiling from the floor to the ceiling. Sinks are also rather unique with interesting shapes and designs in concrete or marble.

Integrating this trend: To make the most of your space, storage can be put in up to the ceiling. If the size of your bathroom doesn’t allow you to fully express yourself, make it a well organized space with personal touches.

9. Refined and Sought-After Tiling

When it comes to tiles, it’s all about detail. Extravagant looking tiles are out. We’re not looking for a more sought-after and sober style. Neutral color palettes are at the forefront, typically in grey tones and matte black. For a little more of dynamic look and feel, you can opt for textured tiles. If not, there are some higher-end tiles that have both matte and shiny properties. Luxury is in subtlety!  

Integrating the trend: It’s not because a certain tile is expensive that it’s nice. Designers are having fun with new styles, but it’s always best to go for a more elegant look that’ll stand the test of time. If you absolutely want to go for colored tiles, opt for dark or light tones, but nothing too flashy.

10. Bathroom Lighting Musts for 2020

Lighting is incredibly important in your bathroom. Not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for practicality. Next year’s trend is headed towards minimalist and linear lighting, which allows other elements in the bathroom to shine brightly. Light fixtures and appliqués are also popular but will be characterized by simple and pure lines.


Integrating the trend: If you plan on remodeling your entire bathroom, consider installing light strips between walls and dropped ceiling. If that’s not possible, opt for a mirror with integrated lighting.

Timeless Looks You Can’t Go Wrong With

  • Marble: Marble is timeless. It’s not going anywhere! Whether it be in small tiles, applied in a chevron pattern, in big slabs, it’s a staple no matter its shape!

  • Subway tiles: Did you know these tiles were first seen in the New York subway in 1904? That’s right! They’ve been around for quite a while. But don’t worry, they’re still incredibly on trend. Be sure to get them installed by professionals, though, as they’re small and linear, and easily installed crookedly.

  • Concrete-looking slabs: Grey tiles that resemble concrete also stand the test of time. They provide a classic, yet contemporary look for your bathroom.

  • Neutral and light-toned colors: Picking neutral tones or light colors is definitely worth it. It allows your bathroom’s look to remain the same for quite some time. Typically, white, light wood, and grey tones are chosen.